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Did you know that the hilly, gently rolling landscapes of Tuscany have fascinated people for thousands of years and that this is how a region with extraordinary (art) treasures of immeasurable value could develop? The Etruscans created outstanding art and culture here, and in the 15th century the cradle of the Renaissance arose here. From Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei and Amadeo Modigliani to Roberto Benigni, the Italian director, actor and Oscar winner - famous personalities still shape the region today.

And you? Let yourself be inspired by one of the most beautiful Italian landscapes and enjoy the possibility of Dolce Vita at any moment you wish. Our selected, exclusive country houses on the Tuscan hills radiate peace and comfort and offer you an ambience that meets your requirements: with a pool, terrace and beautiful courtyards.

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Do you prefer the coast? Then enjoy the Etruscan Riviera from your luxurious villa, swim in your own Inifiti pool overlooking the sea or sit on the terrace of your stylish penthouse with a glass of excellent Brunello di Montalcino. Our luxury properties are as varied as the Tuscan landscapes, they inspire people who have the special taste and love to lead an independent life with all the comforts of our modern times.

Top organic olive oils, outstanding wines, one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, plus highly attractive cities worth seeing such as Florence and Pisa, but also small, fascinating villages off the main routes, festivals and culture make your new home a diamond whose facets are magnificent in all colors sparkle. Be welcome - we will make your dream come true.

Image by Marco Priore
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