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For some the Caribbean, for others one of the most inspiring islands in the Mediterranean. Sardinia has been attracting people for thousands of years who are fascinated by nature, the turquoise blue sea and (natural) treasures such as gold and silver. Phoenicians, Nuragic, Romans, French, English - they have all left their mark for thousands of years. Sardinia is unique and has preserved its very own culture and language to this day. Curious? Follow the tracks and dream yourself into one of our exclusive country houses with a view of the sea and its expanse with its own garden and pool. From there you can discover beautiful bays, untouched nature and miles of white beaches.

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Or are you a lover of harsh mountain worlds that only reveal their beauty to those who open their eyes to it?


Our luxury villas, elegant condominiums and exceptional chalets can be found anywhere you dream. Exclusive furnishings, typical of the country, modern and with exquisite details ensure that you will find a home on Sardinia that is second to none.

Live your dream here and enjoy all the opportunities and amenities that this small continent can offer you. Find the favorite anchorage for your yacht in one of the pristine, lagoon-like bays, let yourself be enchanted by breathtakingly beautiful rock formations, small caves and rock arches.

Return to your stylish domicile in the evening and enjoy the unique play of light of incomparably beautiful Sardinian sunsets. Or maybe you would rather stay on the yacht with a "Sardo", the legendary cocktail of the brilliant bartender Paolo Sardo?

Image by Mattia Bericchia
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