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Our name is...

...RESIDENCE. DIANIUM RESIDENCE. And we have the licence to partner. With you. With an exclusive licence model,  that is unique in its kind and design.   

We unerringly sense your wishes and lead you to success together with our experience and networks. We do not operate in secret. Instead, our business relationships are characterised by openness, honesty and transparency. We operate in many different regions around the world for luxury properties and are the partner par excellence for brokering second home destinations.    


As a licence partner, you have the unique opportunity to work with us to professionally build up an international portfolio of high-quality luxury residences and premium properties and premium properties. We have already concluded our first licence partnerships. We are currently looking for partners in Germany,  Austria and Switzerland. You can find out exactly where here.   


Become our partner. And reach the pinnacle of success. We look forward to getting in touch with you. DIANIUM RESIDENCE - always at your side.  


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