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Mighty impressive, the arena and bullfighting monument of Estepona on the Costa del Sol

Just the sound of the name Estepona, Costa del Sol, located only a few kilometres southwest of Marbella, makes us think of Andalusia in its original form. The cultural influences of long-gone cultures can still be felt and give "Al-Andalus", as the Moors called the region of Andalusia centuries ago, its special appeal.

The bullring presents itself in a perfect whitewashed round and invites not only to the occasional corridas, but also to high-class concerts and other cultural events. The gradual shift away from bullfighting, which presupposes empathy, enthusiasm and a certain familiarity with corridas among spectators, towards other sophisticated cultural events, succeeds well here.

The bullfight monument in front of the arena deserves special attention. The imposing life-size appearance of the bull radiates a will to fight. The bull lowers its head to attack the red cloth of the torero, who challenges it to fight.

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