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Elba - dreamlike island off the coast of Tuscany

Elba is familiar to many as the place where Napoleon Bonaparte stayed during his exile. In 1814, the French emperor spent nine months ennobling the Tuscan island economically and socially. Today, his town residence, the Palazzo dei Mulini, and the Villa San Martino are still open to visitors.

Even away from Napoleon's footsteps, the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago offers much to marvel at thanks to its contrasting landscape: dreamlike sandy beaches, pristine pebbly bays and breathtaking cliffs alternate at the edge of the azure sea. The mountain villages around the chain of hills in the east invite visitors to linger, while the imposing moon terraces, created by ore mining since ancient times, lure visitors into an underground adventure.

The seven municipalities, including the island's capital Portoferraio, exude the charm of the Mediterranean.

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